Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need a referral form your GP to see an Osteopath. However, some GP’s do refer patients to us.

Hopefully not! Some osteopathic techniques do provoke a small amount of discomfort, but good communication between you and osteopath will ensure that the treatment is never too much.

Some patients may experience a post- treatment reaction for 24-36 hours following treatment where there is a slight exaggeration of their symptoms, but this usually subsides quickly.

The number of treatments someone will require is difficult to predict as each person responds differently to treatment. It will also depend on how that patient has lived their life up until the point of their symptoms starting, as it’s a combination of these factors that has led them to this point. A chronic issue may take longer to improve than an acute issue, but this will depend on the patient.
When we are doing our examinations and treatment, it can be helpful for us to see your spine or the area of the body where the symptoms are so we may ask you to undress down to your underwear. Some patients bring shorts, a sports bra or loose fitting clothing with them so they are more comfortable. You can also bring a chaperone with you if you would prefer to.
High Velocity Thrusts (HVT) are only one form of technique an osteopath uses, but it is this technique that often produces the clicking noise. Before this type of technique is used it will always be discussed with you and if you would prefer for them not to be used, there are plenty of other techniques we can use!
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