Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most common injury we see at Bright Osteopathy and it can be caused by several different structures.

It’s important to establish the cause of your symptoms as quickly as possible.

A woman wearing black sportwear having back pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be debilitating and cause pain and symptoms locally in the neck as well as around the shoulder and even into the arm.

Our necks are complicated structures and we can help you diagnose the cause of your symptoms.

A middle aged man holding his neck in pain

Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve becomes inflamed. irritated or compressed.

Pain can be produced anywhere from the lower back, gluteal muscles and down the back of your leg and foot.

A tattooed man having lower back pain - possibly sciatica

Cervicogenic Headache is a type of chronic headache that arises from the upper cervical (neck) joints and produces pain and symptoms in one or more areas around the cranium.

Black woman laying on a sofa having head ache

Overuse of a muscle, usually over time can cause it to become inflamed, fatigued and painful. We call this Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). These commonly occur in the forearms, but can be in the shoulders, neck and ankles.

A close-up shot of a woman holding her wrist

Sports injuries can be caused by different activities. Either whilst training for a specific event or whilst keeping fit and active.

a man with a bandage on his knee feeling his sore knee

There are several reasons for patients to develop a shoulder problem and is another common problem we see in clinic.

Our shoulder joints are complex structures that work hard on a day to day basis.

A woman in black tank top touching her shoulder

From joints in our spines to peripheral joint pain (hips, knees, wrists, fingers) osteopaths can help with joint pain throughout the body.

We aim to help your body function optimally to help keep you active and pain free.

Woman with elbow pain

Muscles can get overworked and tight, they can become weaker or they can be strained.

Muscle pain can vary in intensity, but understanding which muscles work together can alleviate your symptoms long term.

Man in pain holding his thigh


Through pregnancy the body goes through some big changes.

Osteopathic treatment could help you transition through this important stage more easily, Osteopaths can help with pelvic girdle pain, lower back pain as well as neck and shoulder pain.

pregnant woman with apple

Newborns and Children

We treat children of all ages – from new-borns to teenagers for a wide range of conditions.

We use gentle osteopathic treatment, including cranial techniques with children.

Mother Holding Her Baby