Tips to keeping yourself healthy during lockdown


  • Be outside: If you’re not self-isolating that is… Use this time wisely, go for a stroll, run or a bike ride and appreciate the things around you and allow your head some space away from your laptop, emails and meetings. Moving your body is very important for your circulation, getting your muscles contracting and relaxing, moving your joints through their range of movement and clearing your head. We have been lucky (or unlucky!) that we have had so many sunny day since the start of lockdown which we have to make the most of. I have found myself exploring areas of Brighton & Hove that I have never seen – all within one hours walk from my home. There are also so many online resources out there from pilates & yoga tutorials, PE with Joe Wicks, home HIIT classes – there really is something for everyone out there. Also the Couch to 5km / 10km are a great way to start running.
  • Sleep & Diet: During these uncertain times, keeping a routine can be helpful and maintaining a good sleep routine can help give structure to your days & weeks. If you are in front of a screen for most of the day, having a screen free period of time before going to sleep can help you switch off quicker so you can sleep more soundly. A positive of this quieter time that I have really enjoyed, is having more time, especially in the evenings to cook more and include a wider range of veggies in to our diets. Eating a wide variety of fresh fruits & veg is always good for you and at the moment you may have a bit more time to look up how to cook some of the more unusual vegetables (if you can get your hands on some!).